Newly Re-Designed DFZ Radio Network

Posted: April 23, 2013 in Hydroponics & Indoor Gardening Organics
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DFZ Radio Network LIVE Stream LIVE Interactive Niche-casting Communtiy

The DFZ Radio Network site has been redesigned and a host of new shows are coming to the network! Interactive LIVE Stream Niche-Casting Community of Sh*t That Doesn’t Suck is the broadcast model. Live in-studio video available for your viewing FREE. Online LIVE stream, FREE. TuneIn App FREE (go here & search DFZ Radio). Watch past episodes on multiple viewing models. Listen to the last broadcasts of the week on the stream. Subscribe to Premium T and access all past broadcasts, videos and more exciting stuff. Listeners can phone in to the shows and win free gear & prizes. Niche-casting shows that don’t suck.

Premium T subscription at DFZ

Listen to the online stream here.

Heavy T's Grow Show LIVE on the DFZ Radio Network

Currently you can check out Heavy T’s Grow Show LIVE Wednesdays 6pm PST (9pm EST) from Numbskull Studios in Long Beach, CA.
Callers phone in w/ their hydroponics and indoor gardening questions and get hooked up w/ free gear, just for calling in. Top of the line nutrient companies and industry standard grow gear companies all advertise, sponsor and donate this gear to go out to YOU when you phone in during the only LIVE hydroponics talk radio program. Phone in at 562.653.0707 Wednesdays 6pm PST. Check out their show page here.

OC Pole Angels on an AllStarStages Portable Stripper Pole in Numbskull Studios at the DFZ Radio Network

You can watch Heavy T’s Grow Show LIVE on camera from in-studio and see the OC Angeles dance on the stripper pole during commercial breaks!

Get the goods on products that may help your garden from the insiders in the industry by watching the LIVE Video feed from in-studio to see what you need to see!

Heavy T’s Grow Show has over 100 episodes 3-6 hr long that bring your garden education to your eyes and ears in an entertaining comedic way. Heavy T, Horti Kris and the dreaded Dr. Duff Man do the show LIVE every Wed 6pm PST along w/ crew such as Winston the phone screener, Saint the board op and countless industry guests from your favorite companies like Sunlight Supply, Botanicare, and Hydrofarm.

Hydroponics Happy Hour LIVE Talk Radio Show on the DFZ Radio Network
Thursdays 5pm PST (8pm EST) is time for Hydroponics Happy Hour LIVE w/ Botani Aaron and in-studio guests ranging from Heavy T to the tall man on the totem pole at Botanicare. It’s the no-nonsense grow show that gets’ down and dirty on the world of gardening, indoor hydroponics as well as large agriculture productions. Phone in w/ your grow questions and get answers that assist in your gardening. Win free gear and prizes sent out to your local hydro supply stores nationwide for you to pickup at no charge. Also send your questions in via email, best question of the night wins a grand prize. You can send your questions to the Hydroponics Happy Hour Show here, and tune in Thursdays 5pm PST to hear your answer.

A Girl and a Garden Show Logo on the DFZ Radio Network

Tuesdays 5pm PST (8pm EST) airs A Girl and a Garden w/ Host Emily as she explores her adventures in urban gardening. Host Emily gets together weekly w/ interviews from around the gardening industry w/ experts in the fields of all sorts of gardening. Green house, planters in the backyard, indoor hydroponics are all areas that become topics for your ears in A Girl and a Garden Show. Get a host of tips, tricks and things that are gonna to make your adventures in urban garden, fun, fruitful, and safe–foodwise–when you tune in.

DFZ Radio brings you the hydroponics and indoor gardening talk radio shows you’ve been searching for. Allowing sh*t that doesn’t suck in niches across the nation to be broadcast by the experts in their given fields. DFZ Radio Network is newly re-designed, a place you need to visit, a spot to kill some time and win some free stuff.

DFZ Radio Network, Inc. is operated from Numbskull Studios in Long Beach, CA. Broadcasting LIVE stream niche talk shows to the world w/ plenty of Listeners like YOU that keep us doin’ the stuff we love. Thank you friends.

DFZ Radio Network. Check it out here.

Listen Now (were playing 24/7)

Dr Duff Man on Heavy T's Grow Show LIVE Hydroponics Talk Radio

Check this Video for Heavy T’s Grow Show!


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